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25 Days of Christmas – Stunning Christmas Centerpieces

From 365 Greetings:


Stunning Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas is just around the corner and the house decorating will never be complete without the centerpiece. There may be abundance of food but without the centerpiece, it just isn’t right… they make your table setting coherent and help set the mood.

Whether you’re going for a romantic, sweet, classy or cheerful setting, finding the right centerpiece is the key. Match your porcelain and even the Christmas dinner itself with the decor will be complete your Christmas celebration. But with the abundance of decorating materials, what can you actually use to make the perfect centerpiece?

Mistletoes are not just for wall decors but it can also be for centerpieces. Just place one on a clear glass bowl and carefully fill it with water. Float a tea candle on top and voila! You have a classy centerpiece for Christmas. Empty jars and baubles make nice centerpieces. Experiment with different sizes for your containers and different colors, sizes and textures for your baubles. Green, red and white are the classic Christmas colors, and you’ll create the feel of abundance on table.

Fill three small square glasses with cotton and stack candy canes on all four sides side-by-side. Stick a red and white stick on the center of each cotton-filled glass and place a Christmas hat on each stick. Cut-out three circles in red paper and write ‘Ho’ in white ink on each. Adhere the circle cut-outs on the glasses.

Candles never go out of trend. Put one in a glass bowl, and lay it on a wreath. Fill the bowl with some blue and white baubles and you’ll have the perfect ambiance for a serene Christmas dinner. Add some white and blue bows for a grander feel, and enjoy the festivities.

Christmas means abundance of berries that come in all shades of red. Throw in some candles on a stand and fill every empty space with some holly berries or cranberries. Accent your table setting with shades of red and you’ll feel the mirth and cheer of Christmas while you eat.

For a simple and elegant dinner, throw in some winter flowers such as mahonias, Christmas roses (hellebore), or winter jasmine in a vase. Put some pine cones on the side of the tray and you’ll have simple and inexpensive centerpiece. Accent in some red and white striped ribbons on your vase and jars for some color.

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