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Coastal Real Estate School Class Schedule


Purpose of the Course:

The primary objectives of the Broker Prelicensing Course are (1) to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to act as licensed real estate brokers in NC in a manner that protects and serves the public interest and (2) to prepare students for the NC real estate license examination.  At this School the Prelicensing course consists of a total of 75 classroom hours of instruction, including the end-of-course course examination.

After passing the Prelicensing course, a student must submit a license application to the NC Real Estate Commission to be eligible to take the license examination.  License application instructions are provided in the free publication Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina which is available on the Commission’s website at

Course Description:

Major topics addressed in the Broker Prelicensing Course include basic real property law, property taxation, land use controls, environmental hazards, brokerage relationships and practices, real estate contracts, real estate financing, closing a real estate sale transaction, real estate valuation, fair housing, landlord and tenant, property management, federal income taxation of real estate, basic house construction, basic real estate investment, the North Carolina Real Estate License Law and North Carolina Real Estate Commission Rules and Trust Account Guidelines. Real estate mathematics is an important component of this course and calculations will be required.

Course Enrollment Requirements:

The minimum age requirement to obtain a real estate license in North Carolina is 18.

Ready to get started?

Take the first step towards your real estate career by enrolling in the pre-licensing course at Coastal Real Estate School.
View current course schedules here and enroll online!

Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will prepare you for success, both on your North Carolina licensing exam and in your future as a real estate agent. The real estate industry is an exciting one, with lots of opportunities for driven, hard working individuals who are committed to their clients. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve helped someone find and purchase the home of their dreams.

Broker Prelicensing Course is $400.00, textbook is included.

Have Questions?

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Attention Real Estate Agents! In order to renew your license on active status, you must complete eight (8) hours of continuing education (CE) during each July 1 to June 10 license period. Don’t wait until the last minute! Register today for our upcoming CE classes at Coastal Real Estate School!

Ethics for Real Estate Professionals

A 4-hour elective credit that qualifies for the quadrennial ethics requirement for the NC Association of Realtors. Group discussion of real life case studies is used to explore, recognize and resolve ethical issues that are encountered by the real estate professional.

General Update

The Mandatory Update is required for all active licensed NC Real Estate Brokers. The update course will cover Agency Disclosure requirements, changes to selected property management issues, agent safety, due diligence, and other licensing and education issues.

BIC Update

This course is the required 4-hour elective for all Broker-In-Charge Licensees. The course focuses on BIC requirements, compensation issues, and dual and designated agency issues.

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