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10 Things All Dog Parents Should Know When Looking For A New Home

Looking for a home can be as exhausting as a puppy attempting to bark for the first time. Open houses, negotiations, offers, and paperwork can all seem like a whirlwind.

To help ease your worried pup mind, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while searching for the pupfect home.

Perfect home for dogs

  1. A Realtor®Who Is Dog Friendly Is Key

A Realtor® who is dog friendly is key in your search for a new home. When choosing a Realtor®, ask about their knowledge of dog specific regulations and experience with finding homes for pup-obsessed humans like yourself.

  1. Create A Checklist

It’s important to nail down what things are most important to you. Do you need a backyard for your Great Dane? Or is it more of a want for your Yorkie? These factors will help you narrow down your search and find the perfect fit.

  1. Explore The Neighborhood

A Realtor® most likely knows the inside scoop on the neighborhood. They’ll be more than happy to show you around to dog-friendly businesses, dog parks, and off-leash areas for your pup to explore.

  1. Ask About Breed Specific Legislation

Some states and cities have laws or statues that ban certain breeds. The repercussions for breaking these laws vary from state to state, and should be taken seriously. A Realtor® will be able to provide more information before you take off on your search.

  1. Location Is Everything

You should consider your home’s proximity to parks, wooded areas, and main roads. If your dog is prone to running away like my bandit Levi, living near a heavily trafficked street could be your worst nightmare.

  1. Research Potential Threats

Are there any dangers to your pup nearby? Threatening wildlife, for instance, is something to consider. These factors don’t mean the neighborhood is off-limits, but it’s important to be aware of any threats so you can take preventative measures to keep your pup safe.


  1. Evaluate Layout Options

Just like you think about yourself in twenty years, it’s important to think about your dog too. Steep steps for example could be an obstacle for any fluffy old lady.

  1. Think Like A Pup

When you walk through your potential home, think about it through your dog’s perspective. Where will my dog sleep? Or go to the bathroom? Wooded or grassy areas, for example, are perfect for a quick walk. Keep in mind, the things you do every day will be just as important as that newly renovated kitchen.

  1. Keep An Eye Out For Unique Features

Keep an eye out for closets and corners that may seem like dead space for humans. These unique features can actually be the perfect spot for your dog to curl up after a long day of tennis ball chasing.

  1. Keep Compromise In Mind

Remember – it takes work to make a house your home. If you think you’ve found the right fit don’t be discouraged by carpeting, windows, or fencing. While those things are nice to have, your home can be adjusted with your pup in mind.

To find a Realtor® who can help you with your search to find your own dog-ified home visit

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