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Holiday Games

Liven up your holiday party with these fun games for the whole family!


Christmas Mad Lib:

Supplies Needed: Paper and Pencil

How to Play: Have each other fill in nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. into a written story (find them online or make up your own), then read them out to one another. The funniest story wins.

Here is an example story:

Christmas is almost here, and all the (adjective) boys and girls are too excited to sleep. They know that a (adjective), fat man in a red suit is going to be here soon! Every year, Santa Claus and his elves build over (number) toys to deliver to all the children of the world. He packs them up in his magical, flying (vehicle) and takes off into the Christmas Eve night sky.

You may say, “That’s impossible, he can’t deliver that many toys in one night.” WELL YOU’RE WRONG! You’re so wrong! Because he has help from his 8 flying (plural animal)! Their names, as you all know, are (name), (name), (name), (name), (name), (name), (name), and (name). of course there’s also the most famous (same animal singular) of all, (name)! (Same name) was asked to help Santa find his way through an especially foggy Christmas Eve night with the help of his glowing (body part).

There is a catch though. Santa is always watching, and if you or any other children behave badly, all of you will be getting for Christmas a lump (least favorite food, plural). So be nice to each other and when you go to bed on Christmas Eve, Santa might just bring you a(n) (something you want for Christmas)!


Candy Cane Hook ‘Em:

Supplies Needed: Lots of wrapped candy canes and a small, deep bowl

How to Play: Players place a candy cane in their mouth, curved side out, and use the candy cane to hook other candy canes from the pile and transfer it to a bowl (no hands allowed). Points are awarded for each candy cane.


Jingle Bell Toss:

Supplies Needed: Bells and plastic solo cups.

How to Play: Arrange the cups in rows making a triangle. The aim is to get the bell in the cup. The farther away the cup, the more points you get. The team with the most points wins.


Bottom’s Up:

Supplies Needed: Empty cans, a belt, string and a christmas ball ornament.

How to Play: Tie the ornament to the belt so that it looks like a tail. Each player must try and knock over the cans by swinging their body (no hands allowed). The person with the most cans wins. If there is a tie, they must do it together.

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