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Fall Decor Tips For Selling Your Home


Autumn provides home sellers with unique opportunities for staging and decorating. But does fall decor actually help sell your home, or make it more difficult to attract buyers?

Considering Fall Décor

Ultimately, most staging experts agree that staging your listing with fall decor is valuable – as long as you do so judiciously. Remember that the point should be to make your property feel warm, cozy and inviting. If you decorate to the point that it feels cluttered or overwhelming, that’s when you’ve gone too far.

That being said, while holidays are exciting for some, prospective buyers may not share your enthusiasm for the season, even if your décor depicts more of a general harvest scene rather than a particular holiday.

You don’t want your decorations to be the focus, or distract attention from the best-selling points of the house. In this case, a “less is more” approach is best.


Here are some additional tips for staging with fall décor:



Think About a Fresh Coat of Paint


Take a look at your interior walls and see if they could benefit from fresh hues. Don’t go for anything too garish; light, bright and neutral is always a good choice. If you want to add color, accents such as pillows or wall art are a good option.


Get the Lighting Right


During the fall, as the days get a little shorter and darker, you may want to open up blinds and curtains and make use of additional lights.


Emphasize Coziness


Create an atmosphere that feels cozy and inviting. This can be as simple as lighting a fire and using plush pillows and throws or creating a cozy nook with candles and books.


Accentuate the Fireplace


Make the fireplace a focal point. Keep it neat and clean but don’t be afraid to add a few décor items to make it pop.


Seasonal Scents


Fall staging isn’t all about colors and furniture, scents can be a nice addition too. Think about conjuring a sentimental feeling. Bake some cookies, put a pot of apple cider on the stove or light a cinnamon candle. Just be sure to keep it subtle as anything too strong could be a turn off.


Curb Appeal


The exterior of a home can also benefit from a seasonal touch-up. Make sure your landscaping is fall-ready. Remove dead plants, rake leaves, mow the lawn, plant a few fall flowers and add a wreath or potted plants.


Don’t Over Do It


Remember your goal should always be to accentuate your space and help buyers imagine themselves in your home. You want to aim for cozy, not busy.




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