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How to Stage a Home to SELL! (The 20-10 Rule)

Staging a home to sell doesn’t always require top dollar or a hired home stager; just twenty minutes of your time can make a huge difference! First impressions are key, so if you want to INCREASE the value of your home and sell it FASTER, tackle these basic steps: clean, arrange, present!

Step 1 – Clean

This step is perhaps the most difficult of the bunch. If you haven’t vacated the home, life still goes on inside the walls! Between a job, errands, kids, pets, visitors, and now potential buyers, who has time to keep the home spotless? You do, we promise.

Introducing the 20-10 rule! For every room, spend 20 minutes removing debris, gym clothes, and breakfast dishes. Take a 10-minute break, and then follow with 20 more minutes of wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. THAT’S IT! (To avoid feeling overwhelmed, follow only step one until it becomes routine. Your schedule will thank you.)

Step 2 – Arrange

If your space is feeling a little tight and cluttered, consider gradually shifting things around. Use the 20-10 Rule to open up doorways and surfaces! The best way to show your home is to literally show your home and not your stuff. The buyer’s imagination needs a chance to see how each room can serve their lifestyle.

First, replace all sentimental items (such as photos, diplomas, homemade gifts, birthday cards) with artwork! Second, have less than half of your bookshelves, side tables, and console center space dedicated to neutral items such as books, baskets, lanterns, plants, and trinkets. Lastly, hang mirrors at strategic points. The reflected light will trick the eye into perceiving the space as larger and open!


Step 3 – Present

Treat buyers as you would guests on family holidays. For a house to be a home, it should be a retreat from the rest of the world. Here is where the 20-10 Rule has the strongest effect and will WOW everyone!

Want to impress them with your kitchen’s custom tile and marble countertops? Lay out a bowl filled with lemons and its greatest pride, such as the gleaming white stand mixer!

Draw attention to the chandelier in the foyer where it playfully casts light on the walls and floor! Pull back rugs to showcase the hardwood floors and place a vase of fresh cut flowers on the credenza.

Flatter your dining room’s view of the back yard by setting the table to entertain! Use color coordinated placemats, chargers, cloth napkins, and tableware.

Give your bathroom an fresh look with clean white towels, a new bar of soap, and a scented candle!

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