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JBOR Market Update September 2018

While there are many people dramatically effected by Hurricane Florence and still are, we were very lucky the storm came in at a lower category.  We are all counting our blessings.  For those who were significantly impacted by the storm, now is a rebuilding period.  It has been great to see our community come together, both neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers!  We’ve been awestruck by how many people have helped others in their time of need.  Never before have we seen our community come together so strongly.


For many in our community, our citizens are getting back to normal life.  A question we’ve received many times recently is ‘How will the hurricane impact our local real estate market?’  We wanted to share some thoughts and observations on what we will likely see in the local real estate market over the next several months:


  • People want to move to our community and that won’t change! Our area draws people to relocate here from all over the state and country.
  • What will change will be the timing of people’s moves. We will likely see delays in people’s plans to relocate, but this will be a delay and not a cancellation.
  • Our rental and sales markets were already very low on inventory and now it is even tighter. With the decrease in available homes, if you’re interested in selling, now is a great time to put your home on the market.

The following are comparisons of key market indicators comparing the 9 months of 2018 with the 9 months of 2017:


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