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Last Minute Summer Home Projects


Fall is quickly approaching, and with it cooler weather. Here are a list of home maintenance and repair projects that are best done beforehand.

Paint Your Home’s Exterior


The best time to paint your home is on a dry, windless day when the temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees. If you have exposed wood, it’s especially important to take care of this task before winter arrives. Leaving wood exposed allows moisture in and can cause it to split.


Fix Roofing Issues


This is a great time to check that vents are free of debris and repair and damaged shingles or bent flashing. It’ll be much easier to take care of these issues while it’s still warm, otherwise you may have leaks this winter.


Seal Driveway and Repair Walkway


Sealing your driveway will protect the color from fading and prevent cracks caused by moisture from rain and snow. Fixing buckling sidewalks or crumbling stairs will make your home safer and also make it easier to clean up winter debris.


Make Brick Mortar Repairs


Give your home a once over for crumbling or missing mortar between brickwork. Skipping this project can lead to leaks and crumbling bricks.


Plant Your Fall Garden


This is a good time to clean out and till beds to prepare for your fall harvest. You may also start switching out annual plants and shrubs.



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