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Moving with Pets

We all know it can be stressful to have all your worldly possessions wrapped up and moved into a new home. For animals, who can’t comprehend this major life event, the stress can be even worse! Here are some tips to make the whole process easier.

Pre-Move: Get a complete copy of your pet’s veterinarian records, plus a refill on any prescriptions. Ask your vet if mild sedation is an option, especially they are high-anxiety or you plan to fly. Consider getting them a microchip in case you’re separated on the trip, or if they already have one, update it with your new address and phone number. See if you can fax all the information to a recommended vet in your new city. Check out entry regulations.

Packing Day: Allow your pet to be a part of the process! Having an opportunity to see household items being physically packed is less shocking for a pet than being shut out of the way. If your pet was a rescue animal, fears of abandonment will be lower. Speak to them in upbeat tones, give them a little more attention than usual, and try to keep the routines as normal as possible.

On the Way: Let your pet’s belongings be the absolute last thing you pack. The pet’s bed or blanket can go directly into the crate as well as their favorite toys and food bowl. Double check your reservations at the pet-friendly hotel. Let them hydrate and stretch their legs as often as you do!

Post Move: Once you arrive, give them a chance to sniff and “inspect” the new home, and place their belongings inside immediately. Most animals are sensory creatures, and having items with their scent will serve some comfort. Have a safe place for them as you move the boxes in. Involve your pet in activities, and keep the same routines as you did in your old home.

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Jill Gunter

Do you have a family that needs a larger home? Are you thinking through the house hunting process, trying to figure out exactly how to do this with your kids? Or, are you trying to sell and concerned about how to keep your house clean, the yard mowed AND make it to soccer practice? I’m in this business because of my family and the goal I have for you is to help you and your family find the home of your current dreams. A little about me…my husband Van works for Wells Fargo and we have two beautiful, well spirited daughters under the age of 9, a spirited son and a golden retriever named Miss Nipper Pearl. My daughters are realtors in training and my oldest can point out features of a home in record time! I’m a proud graduate of Appalachian State University (home of the 3 time national champions) and received my Masters in Public Administration from UNCW. I’m also an alumna of Phi Mu Sorority and am actively involved in both the collegiate and alumnae chapter in the Wilmington area. Volunteering comes naturally to me and I often contribute financially to local nonprofits in honor of my clients and the closing of their new home.

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