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Preparing for Your End of Summer Vacation

If you’re planning your end of summer vacation, we have some great tips to prepare you for traveling, lodging, transportation, and anything else that can pop during you trip!


  • Lodging


The very first thing to think about is where you will stay at your destination. We are all familiar with travel sites to save money on hotels or rental properties, but before you put your credit card digits in on what seems like a great deal, take the extra 15 minutes to do your research. Ask some important questions like how close is this hotel to the main attractions I want to visit? Also go one step further to check out the quality of your hotel, google a business within a block or two of the hotel, give them a call and ask about the hotel’s reputation. If they don’t give it a great review ask them for a recommendation. They want you to visit their business while you’re in town so they are probably going to give you an honest answer. (Also if you have time, make sure to visit them in person while you are there.)


  • Transportation


Once you have your hotel in place the next question to answer is how you will get around. The plan for this will vary from city to city but in general take a close look at the expected weather conditions (Can I or do I want to walk?), is safe and accessible public transit available, and finally do I need to rent a car? If you do need to rent a car this is a great chance to add to your experience at a reasonable price. What does this mean? Simple, upgrade your car, especially if you are traveling with others. The difference in price between the economy rental and full size rental is usually less than $10 per day with most companies. You will already be driving in a city you are not familiar with, this will be a lot more enjoyable in a car you like as opposed to the economy class sardine can.


  • Itinerary


To make the most of your time, plan ahead and make a list of sights you would like to see, restaurants you would like to eat at, shopping you’d like to do. Check out the hours and locations of these places so that you have a game plan. Will you need to pack anything special for these activities? You will want to be flexible and leave time for adventure, but doing some research ahead of time allows you to pack the most fun into your time away.

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