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Tips for Selling Your Home Fast


Whether you are selling in a buyer’s or seller’s market, the basics of how to sell your house don’t change. By using these easy tips, you can expect an offer in no time.


  • Start with a great real estate agent

They will serve as the main point for contact for both you and potential buyers by scheduling showings, crafting your listing and marketing your property.


  • Price your home right

If you list your home at too high of a price, buyers won’t take interest. If you list the home according to market value, you’ll create a bidding war and will likely receive an offer close to asking.


  • Declutter and Update the Home

Decluttering/cleaning and depersonalizing the home drives sales because your home looks and feels newer. Repairing things that are broken or updating the basics such as replacing the carpet and flooring, putting on a fresh coat of paint, updating appliances and light fixtures, and refreshing your landscaping can make a big difference.


  • Stage and photograph your home

Stage your home to show buyers the best use of the space so that they can imagine themselves living there. Highlight the home with professional photography to make your listing stand out.


  • Don’t forget signage

Putting up “for sale” signs in the yard, neighborhood and by the street are an easy way get the word out. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a simple sign.


  • Market your listing

Get your listing in front of buyers with multiple advertising channels. Whether it is a website, print ad, social media page, handout, direct mail, etc… the more channels the better for increased activity.


  • Be available

Buyers want to see homes on their schedule, and often very soon after finding it. The best way to get more traffic in the door is to be very flexible with showing the home including evenings and weekends.



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