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Staging your Home to SELL!

When staging your home to sell, the rule of thumb is attracting buyers by helping them imagine their life in this home. Unless you have a crystal ball that allows you to predict the future homeowner, you want to appeal to all personalities. How? The home’s potential!


Step One: Depersonalize

Any personal items that can identify you or your hobbies should be out of the way. This includes photos, golf clubs, holiday cards, refrigerator magnets, and the like.


Step Two: Declutter

It may seem like common sense to some, but objects that aren’t personal such as books, movies, toys, and even extra furniture will detract from a home’s potential. Buyers will want to see the depth of closets, cabinet, the pantry, and built-in bookshelves; they’ll want to measure the length of walls and door openings. As such, pack up everything but the essentials.


Step Three: Clean and Deodorize

Dust and scrub everything starting from the top: air vents, crown molding, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Wipe down the walls, door jams, and baseboards with a damp cloth and let dry. Vacuum all floors thoroughly. Mop all floors accordingly, or try renting a steam cleaner.


Step Four: Neutralize

Check out Benjamin Moore for their top selling neutral colors here:


Step Five: Rearrange Furniture

For help with this step, visit a few open houses and model homes. The furniture should be spaced to exaggerate the dimensions of the room without feeling empty, and most things should be in three’s.

Chairs can be turned toward each other to encourage conversation; arrange candles, books, and vases on the mantle. Add pops of color to the neutral theme with pillows and towels. Leave out canisters of sugar, flour, and coffee.


Step Six: Curb Appeal

Spend an afternoon outdoors mowing and edging the grass, trimming the hedges and trees, and laying new mulch. Planting a few annual flowers indigenous to the area can be an inexpensive addition.

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Jill Gunter

Do you have a family that needs a larger home? Are you thinking through the house hunting process, trying to figure out exactly how to do this with your kids? Or, are you trying to sell and concerned about how to keep your house clean, the yard mowed AND make it to soccer practice? I’m in this business because of my family and the goal I have for you is to help you and your family find the home of your current dreams. A little about me…my husband Van works for Wells Fargo and we have two beautiful, well spirited daughters under the age of 9, a spirited son and a golden retriever named Miss Nipper Pearl. My daughters are realtors in training and my oldest can point out features of a home in record time! I’m a proud graduate of Appalachian State University (home of the 3 time national champions) and received my Masters in Public Administration from UNCW. I’m also an alumna of Phi Mu Sorority and am actively involved in both the collegiate and alumnae chapter in the Wilmington area. Volunteering comes naturally to me and I often contribute financially to local nonprofits in honor of my clients and the closing of their new home.

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