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Tips on Buying New Construction

When buying a newly constructed home instead of an existing one, there are several steps that differ. To ensure a hassle-free process, here are some tips to keep in mind if you are considering buying new construction:



  • Hire an Inspector


Despite the fact that the builder must comply with town and city regulations, a home inspector will have you best interest in mind and will often notice something the builder missed. When buying new construction, you will have between 1-3 inspections (the foundation inspection, the pre-drywall inspection, and the final inspection). If possible, attend these so that you can ask questions and make sure the builder fixes and problems.



  • Maintain Good Communication with Your Builder


Starting with your pre-construction meeting, where you will go over all the details with your project manager, establish a good line of communication. How often will you get progress updates? How often can you visit the site? Can you call the builder? If you are an out-of-state buyer, will you get weekly progress pictures?



  • Look For Builder’s Incentives


The good thing about new construction is that you can customize your home. However, those additions add up quickly. Some builders offer incentives that can help reduce the amount you spend on your home. Do your homework and see what sort of incentives the builders in your area are offering.



  • Schedule Extra Time into the Process


There are many things that can impact the progress of your home including the weather and delay of materials. Most builders have a one-to-two-week buffer added into their timelines. If you are also in the process of selling you current home, you must keep this in mind and have preparations in order, should your home not stick to its timeline exactly.



  • Visit the Site Often


Be sure the schedule regular time with your project manager to discuss the progress on your home and check in. It is easy for someone who is not there all the time to notice little details that the builder may have forgotten. Additionally, take lots of pictures during the process. You might need them later to remember where that pipe was once the drywall is up.





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