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Virtual Socializing Ideas


Missing your friends, family and co-workers during social distancing? There are still ways that you can connect with them. Sure you could call them or do a video chat, but why not have some fun! Check out these virtual hang-out ideas that will make you feel as though you are all still together.

1) Make Dinner

Choose a recipe and then let everyone do it together live. You can troubleshoot the recipes together or turn it into a contest. Then enjoy the meal together.

2) Watch a Movie or TV

Get a group together and watch a movie or TV show. You could FaceTime or Zoom or use Netflix’s new extension “Netflix Party” to watch remotely with friends. Enjoy each other’s commentary.

3) Go on a Walk

Need to get your steps in for the day? Get out in nature and share it with a friend. You can both go on a walk together in separate locations. Chat while you walk and go live to share the scenery.

4) Go Somewhere Green

Whether it’s your backyard or a park, get out and enjoy the outdoors with friends. Set up your phone or tablet to be hands free and enjoy an activity together or just take in the scenery.

5) Do a Workout Class

Check out various live streams from studios online or lead your own. Whether its a high energy workout or a relaxing session of yoga, working out is always more fun with a friend. 

6) Throw a Cocktail Party

You can pick out a new cocktail for everyone to make together or everyone can pick their own. Then just enjoy a drink and conversation.

7) Read a Book

Whether it be a new release or an old favorite, read a book to each other. You can take turns reading or have each person read as a different character. This is especially fun for kids.

8) Play a Game

Whether it be a board game or cards that you all have, or a digital version, a game with friends is a great way to loosen up. Use Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty or to play. Some great ideas for games are Monopoly, Charades, Cards Against Humanity, Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, 20 Questions and Words with Friends.

9) Do a Craft

Find a craft project that you and your loved ones can do together or each pick out your own. You can watch tutorials and learn a new skill while ending up with an addition to your home decor.



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