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Ways to Add Value to Your Bathroom


Bathrooms, like kitchens are a huge selling point in your home. Here are several ways you can add value to yours through quick updates that make a big difference.


  • Swap Outdated Fixtures

Swapping outdated fixtures can go a long way in upgrading a bathroom. Go for popular finishes like satin or brushed nickel that pair well with most tile. Chrome is also a classic option.


  • Create Dual Sinks

Especially for shared bathrooms, installing an extra sink is a great move. As a general rule, you need a minimum of 60 inches to comfortably accommodate 2 sinks. Vessel or undermount styles will make the most of limited counter space.


  • Update Lighting

Swap out contractor-grade fixtures for something more stylish and functional. For a layered effect, include overhead and task lighting at the vanity mirror. Install a dimmer for added versatility and control.


  • Integrate Custom Storage

Consider how much storage you need when selecting vanities and cabinetry. If space is tight, go vertical with shallow shelves or upper cabinets.


  • Add a Neutral Palette

Keep paint colors light and neutral in the bathroom for a clean, fresh look. These colors will give the space a light, airy feel and will contrast nicely with the white fixtures.


  • Play Up the Tub

If you have a tub, transform it into a spa-like destination with bath products and accessories. Keep decorative towels, aromatic soaps, bath salts and candles within reach. Add plants in designer vessels.


  • Add a Spacious Shower

If your bathroom has a tiny, outdated tub, consider replacing it with a spacious shower. Include thoughtful features like built-in shelves, storage and benches.


  • Install New Tile

Whether it’s on the floor, tub or shower, choose your tile wisely. Stick with classic designs, neutral colors and a pattern you can live with for a long time. Large tiles can help a small room feel more spacious and diagonal installation can help a narrow room appear wider.


  • Update Shower Fixtures

Replacing a dated showerhead with a new one is an easy, affordable fix. Consider adding luxury features for a spa-like feel.


  • Let in Natural Light

Natural light in a bathroom is always good. Even a small transom window can provide a significant amount of light and help a small bathroom feel airy and bright.


  • Do a Deep Clean

A deep clean of every nook and cranny can really refresh the overall appearance of your bathroom. Scrub residue off of cabinets, fixtures and grout lines.



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