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Ways to Upcycle Fallen Trees, Stray Logs, and Branches

In the wake of hurricane Florence, we’ve all noticed so many beautiful fallen trees all over town. In the midst of such destruction, lets make something beautiful! Here are a handful of creative ways to upcycle fallen trees, logs and branches:


Side Table: Just cut and lacquer for an easy side table.



















Planter: Hollow out a log and make a gorgeous self-contained garden.


Garden Path: Use sliced wood instead of stone for a defined garden path.


Staircase Handrail: Use a rustic branch in place of a handrail for a natural look.


Tree Branch Gazebo: provide cover in your outside entertaining area with a canopy of tree branches.


Raised Flower Bed: Use natural branches to block in a garden or flower bed.


Tree Branch Ladder: Use branches for a rustic ladder.


Carved Seating: If you’ve got a large tree and some serious chainsaw skills, carve some seating.


Branch Coat Hanger: A few rustic branches make a great coat hanger.


Drink Coasters: small branches cut nicely into drink coasters.


Bird Feeder: a small log makes an easy cut out birdfeeder.


Stools: a simple cut and you have a rustic dining stool.


Bed Frame: while not the simplest of projects, intact branches make a really cool bed frame.


Garment Rack: A simple branch makes an effortless garment rack.


Clock: a simple slice of a log and you have the base of a clock.


Wood Ornaments: Thinly sliced branches provide an endless amount of creativity.


Shelf Brackets: intact branches make great shelf brackets.


Candles: Small branches make great rustic candles.


Christmas Tree Craft: String lots of small branches together and you have a crafty Christmas tree.


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